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Første torsdag i måneden: Bønn for kall

Discernment is indispensable when searching for one’s vocation in life.  More often than not our vocation is not obvious or evident at first but rather something we come to understand gradually.  Discernment, in this case, should not be seen as an individual effort at introspection, with the aim of better understanding our interior make-up so as to strengthen us and acquire some balance.  In such instances the person can become stronger, but is still confined to the limited horizon of his or her possibilities and perspectives.  Vocation, however, is a call from above, and discernment in this context principally means opening ourselves to the Other who calls.  Prayerful silence is therefore required in order to hear the voice of God that resounds within our conscience.  God knocks at the door of our hearts, as he did with Mary; he longs to establish friendship with us through prayer, to speak with us through the Sacred Scriptures, to offer us mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and to be one with us in the Eucharist. Read more

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Han elsket dem helt til det siste…

Kl. 18:00 HØYMESSE 



Kl. 11:00 HØYMESSE
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Boknyhet fra p. Ellert Dahl – anbefales!

P. Ellert Dahl OP fyller i år 90 år.
I den anledning kommer hans bok Det levende treet ut på St Olav forlag.

Du har allerede nå anledning til å forhåndsbestille boken og komme med på tabula gratulatoria.
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Søstrene på Lunden anbefaler boken på det varmeste!

Katarina om Katarina på OPDacia

Självkännedom enligt Katarina av Siena (del 1)

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